Investing Methodology


Markets Create Wealth

Investing is simple, but difficult. Difficult in the sense that it takes discipline, patience and time to see results. The stock market is no place for gamblers or day traders. It’s a long-term investment vehicle that can help you build wealth over time through the power of compounding interest.

The beauty of stock market investing is that with diversification and discipline, an investor can capture global market returns resulting in investment success. Why? Because the stock market is the most efficient and effective way to build wealth. Diversification in both asset classes and investment strategies is the key to capturing the value of these markets. When you invest in stocks, you own a piece of a business that can benefit from growth, innovation and revenue increases—all of which fuel returns on invested capital.

At Kiaros, we help you formulate a financial plan and strategy based on your goals and dreams. A plan can be your guide as you focus on the future.


It's important to understand that risk is not just related to the possibility of losing money on an investment. Investors often cannot account for the risks associated with long-term investing and rising inflation rates.

There are other risks to consider, as well. For example, healthcare costs continue to rise faster than inflation or wage increases—so those expenses could eat into your retirement savings if you aren't prepared.

In order to measure risk in investing, it is possible to use standard deviation to determine how far your investments move from the average return on that investment. A lower standard deviation means less volatility, which can help you reach your investment goals. You can also compare historical returns of similar assets with the holdings in your portfolio to see if they're sufficiently diversified.

We can help you identify the risks in your portfolio and develop a plan to optimize its chances of success.

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